Jumat, 04 April 2014

Suzuki Car Dealers

Efficient, dependable, affordable; we're yawning already. Sincerely empathising that this little digit isn't the kind of Holy model made for sleepless nights, we're reluctant to go on. But whilst all too easy to scoff at the dinky motor, the junior of the Suzuki family absurdly defends the myth that good things come in small packages.
Whilst its purpose is fairly straightforward, there exists in the Alto a touch of Car Dealers that neglects the spiritless nature of other cars. Whilst the so-called 'aerodynamic' body is not exactly the essence of cosmopolitan, its petite frame is admittedly, a little bit charming.
Not too cramped for your Great Dane, but snug enough to be the reverse parker's dream, there's a cheekiness about this car that frankly, we can't help applauding. Whilst optimistic in the leg room department, you certainly won't feel threatened by country lanes, and despite just falling short of 'babe magnet', the lego toy aesthetic makes it lovable to even the most macho of hearts.
Whilst it won't slaughter the motorway, its handling is by no means demanding, and given the right attention, can zip along with the best of them. As the modest 1.2 litre engine will honour your padded wallet, you'll also be comforted by its merciful relationship with Mother Nature. In short (and indeed, compact), the Alto really is an effortless little package.
Predicting a few raised eyebrows among readers, consider how affordable St Lucia now looks (and if nothing else, the autos massive pleading eyes). Low tax and cheap insurance, we're finding plenty of ticked boxes, and whilst desperately trying to steer clear of the loathsome 'R' word (yes, reliable), you're going to find very few challenges with this little gem.
Perhaps not the epitome of 'dream car', these wheels are an undeniably committed drive. Dignified enough for royalty on a budget; it's not a thumbs down. Fun, faithful and blissfully economic, the Alto is strangely, a real miniature hero. Check one out at your local Car Dealers today.

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